Introductory Note

Wind Farm Control

Paul Fleming - NREL
Jennifer King - NREL
Jan Willem van Wingerden - TU Delft
Gregor Giebel - DTU


Wind farm control is an active and growing field of research in which the control actions of individual turbines at a farm are coordinated, accounting for inter-turbine aerodynamic interaction, to improve the overall performance of the wind farm. Performance goals can include power production, turbine load reduction and grid support services. In this TEM we seek to overview the state of the art of this field, identify consensus research findings, data sets and best practices, overview current research challenges, and establish a road map on how to address these challenges.


State of the industry - Current capabilities in wind farm control
State of the research - Overview of research findings including theoretical results, overview of models and capabilities, and results of analysis from high-fidelity computer simulations, wind tunnel studies and field trials
Consensus research findings and best practices - Establish where there is consensus and where there are open questions in the research. Establish preferred nomenclature and best practices for conducting new research
Identification of research needs - Based on existing research and desired end goals, identify where research is needed
Road map - Establish plan for researching and implementing wind farm controls as industry standard practice


The meeting will take place at the Aristo Meeting Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 25th of September 2019. It will be co-located with the EERA JP Wind annual event ( and is co-organised by the FarmConners project. 

A few overview presentations will be followed by discrete break-out sessions to address the above points. A final full group session will collect the main points and identify follow-up responsibilities.


Participation is expected from academia, research institutes, wind farm owners/operators and related associations, wind turbine manufacturers, relevant actors  of the industry, etc.


A report or paper describing the consensus reached for the points defined in the objectives.


The TEM is co-organised by the EU H2020 FarmConners project and is held in parallel with the EERA JP Wind Annual Event. Where the FarmConners project is a Coordination Action on Wind Farm Control, which recently received funding for two years by the EU. TAristo Meeting Center, Amsterdam, his project will support the implementation and industrialization of Wind Farm Control (WFC) as an additional feature for the development and operation of wind power plants. The EERA JP Wind Annual Event is organized for EERA (European Energy Research Alliance) members and industry to focus the R&I priorities and technology development visions.