Task 33 Reliability



looking_down_tower.pngTask 33: Reliability Data: Standardizing Data Collection for Wind Turbine Reliability and Operation & Maintenance Analyses

Duration: 2012-2016

Operating Agent: Berthold Hahn
Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy Systems Technology (IWES)
Kassel, Germany

Participants: Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

Task 33 focused on data collection from Supervisory Control And Data Automation (SCADA) systems, maintenance activities, and reliability issues during operation and maintenance. The Task aimed to identify operator’s demands, select the most appropriate statistical methods for providing key figures, and suggest which data to collect.

Progress and Achievements

Task 33 concluded in 2016 with the publication of the IEA Wind TCP Recommended Practice 17 Wind Farm Data Collection and Reliability Assessment for O&M Optimization (IEA Wind RP17) in May 2017. RP17 leads the user to individually appropriate solutions for wind farm data collection and reliability assessment for O&M optimization (see opening figure). It is primarily directed at operators and service providers, but all identified stakeholder groups will benefit from the adoption of this best practice.

Several guidelines and standards from different industries provide lists of necessary data and values, as well as a range of taxonomies at varying degrees of granularity. However, none of these guidelines provide a complete scheme for reliability analyses of wind turbine components. The Recommended Practice presents an overview of appropriate standards and guidelines, suggesting taxonomies for categorizing component designations, measuring points, failure aspects, and maintenance tasks.


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Recommended Practice 17: Wind Farm Data and Reliability Assessment links the reliability ambitions of wind farm owners and operators with a range of use cases, examples, standards and taxonomies to assist in the identification, collection and analysis of reliability data.

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Recommended Practice 17 Wind Farm Data Collection and Reliability Assessment for O&M Optimization Fact Sheet is the final result of IEA Wind TCP Task 33 focusing on reliability data.

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The Task 33 proposal aimed to establish a new IEA Task under the IEA Wind implementing agreement dealing with standardized, well structured databases for optimizing reliability and maintenance procedures. 

Key Findings from Recommended Practice 17