Task 27 Small Wind Turbines in High Turbulence Sites



looking_down_tower.pngTask 27: Small Wind Turbines in High Turbulence Sites

Duration: 2008-2018

Operating Agents: Ignacio Cruz
Madrid, Spain

Trudy Forsyth
Wind Advisors Team
United States

Participants: Austria, Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA), Denmark, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, United States
(Observers: Argentina, Belgium, Italy, South Africa)

The goal of IEA Wind TCP Task 27 was to understand how turbulence impacts small wind turbine production and whether turbulence is appropriately characterized in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 61400-2 for small wind turbines.


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Recommended Practice 19: Micro-Siting Small Wing Turbines For Highly Turbulent Sites  strives to collect lessons learned from extensive data collection and modeling activities and present results of research and analysis efforts in the area of micro-siting small wind turbines for highly turbulent sites.

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Compendium of IEA Wind TCP Task 27 Case Studies took various activities to attempt to learn more about turbulence and its impact on small wind turbine production to highlight and summarize work done from the participating countries.

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The U.S. Small Wind Guidebook helps homeowners, ranchers, and small businesses decide if wind energy will work for them. 

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Recommended Practice 12: Consumer Label for Small Wind Turbines describes a method for producing the IEA Wind Consumer Label for Small Wind Turbines. It is an international label, which presents test results based on IEC standards in a condensed and comparable form, regardless of where the testing has been conducted.

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2009 Small Wind Report outlines the status of the small wind sector in 2009 in the countries participating in Task 27.

Progress and Achievements

Task 27 worked to develop reasonable criteria for design requirements: vertical velocity, turbulence intensity design levels, replacement of the Normal Turbulence Model (NTM), vibration, and VAWT simplified loads methods.

In 2018, Task 27 accomplished the following:

  • Compile country case studies documenting all the CFD modeling, measurements results, and modeling and testing efforts conducted within scope of Task 27
  • Compile, discuss, and complete the documentation of technical recommendations for the future IEC 61400-2 standard, fourth revision
  • Finalize the IEA Wind TCP Recommended Practices on micro­-siting of small wind turbines

These activities were be concluded at the end of 2018 and shared with IEC 61400-2 fourth revision experts and other stakeholders.