Task 42 Work Plan and Objectives

The project is expected to start from Oct 01, 2019 and continue until Sept 30, 2022.

Task 42 activities will be carried out through four technical areas:

Work Package 1: Reliability and Safety Assessment
  • This work package focuses on the safety aspects of life extension by identifying the target annual reliability to be considered for life extension, implementing and verifying the methods required to show the duration of life extension feasible with this reliability target.
  • This work package is divided into three tasks:
    • T1.1 Target reliability levels for life extension
    • T1.2 Data-driven methods
    • T1.3 Value of data for life prediction
Work Package 2: Inspection procedures and maintenance
  • This work package focuses on the economic aspects of life extension through preventive maintenance and identifying potential failure modes before they may occur through inspections.
  • The following tasks encompass this work package:
    • T2.1 Preventive maintenance and repair
    • T2.2 Methods for inspection and where to inspect
Work Package 3: Standardization and Regulatory frameworks
  • Recommendations will be made to IEC project teams developing/revising new international standards and to potential financial or regulatory bodies with a stake in lifetime extension:
    • T3.1 Inputs to Standards development relevant to lifetime extension
    • T3.2 Policies, Investment Decisions and insurance
Work Package 4: Coordination and Dissemination
  • DTU is the operating agent and coordinates the task activities
    • T4.1 Coordination of the activities in the task
    • T4.2 Dissemination of findings to the standards bodies, industry and public