Task 40 Work Plan and Objectives

Task 40 Work Plan


The objective of the proposed IEA Wind Task 40 on Downwind Turbine Technology is to coordinate international research and investigate the benefits of downwind turbine technology toward the reduction of levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and proliferation of offshore and onshore wind plants. Other objectives include:

  • Innovate wind turbine technology
  • Identify and resolve technical issues relevant to downwind turbine design
  • Modify IEC standards as needed – for example, IEC61400-1
  • Reshape the national regulations – for example, identify constraining regulations and propose changes to acceptance criteria.

Task 40 investigates the benefits of downwind turbine technology toward the reduction of levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and proliferation of onshore and offshore wind plants.

The Task is designed to capitalize on past and recent experiences as well as recently developed computational capabilities. The focus will include offshore and onshore wind turbine while investigating the relevant design conditions where downwind turbines might offer advantages.

The task will include an objective, harmonized approach to assessing the LCOE of downwind turbines based on select baseline turbine models and methods accepted by the participants.

2-MW Downwind Turbines. Photo credit: Toru Nagao         

Task 40 Meetings

Task 40 will gather international thought leaders for annual meetings during the three-year project duration. The outcome of the meetings will be:

  • Organize a global network that coordinates research and validation efforts
  • Quantify known benefits as well as areas needing research and validation
  • Quantify opportunities for cost of energy reduction
  • Identify potential barriers such as changes to standards and/or regulations
  • Identify opportunities for collaborative research and demonstration projects
  • Identify perceived technical risks and propose resolutions
  • Update and expand the knowledge basis for downwind turbines
Task 40 has scheduled the following working meetings:

Work Packages

To achieve the Task 40 objectives, four work packages have been prepared:

Task 40 Timeline

The prospective timeline for the work packages is as follows:


Task 40 plans to disseminate various reports following Task activities and working meetings. Expected deliverables are: