Task 32 Results

Recommended Practices

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Recommended Practice 18: Floating Lidar Systems
O. Bischoff, I. Würth, J. Gottschall, B. Gribben, J. Hughes, D. Stein, H. Verhoef.

Expert Reports

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Estimating Turbulence Statistics and Parameters from Ground- and Nacelle-Based Lidar Measurements
A. Sathe, R. Banta, L. Pauscher, K. Vogstad, D. Schlipf, S. Wylie.

State-of-the-Art Report

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Recommended Practices for Floating Lidar Systems – Final Draft
O. Bischoff, I. Würth, J. Gottschall, B. Gribben, J. Hughes, D. Stein, H. Verhoef.

Technical Reports

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Remote Sensing of Complex Flows by Doppler Wind Lidar: Issues and Preliminary Recommendations
A. Clifton, M.Boquet, E. Burin, M. Hofsäß, T. Klaas, K. Vogstad, P. Clive, M. Harris, S. Wylie, E.Osler, R. Banta, A. Choukulkar, J. Lundquist and M. Aitken.

Journal Papers

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IEA Wind Task 32: Wind Lidar Identifying and Mitigating Barriers to the Adoption of Wind Lidar
A. Clifton, P. Clive, J. Gottschall, D. Schlipf, E. Simley, L. Simmons, D. Stein, D. Trabucchi, N. Vasiljevic, I. Würth

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Rotor equivalent wind speed for power curve measurement – comparative exercise for IEA Wind Annex 32
R. Wagner, B. Cañadillas, A. Clifton, S. Feeney, N. Nygaard, M. Poodt, C. S. Martin, E. Tüxen, and J.W. Wagenaar

Conference Presentations

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Floating Lidar Systems: Current Technology Status and Requirements for Improved Maturity
J. Gottschall, B. Gribben, J. Hughes, D. Stein, I. Würth, O. Bischoff, D. Schlipf, H. Verhoef, and A. Clifton.

About Task 32

Task 32 has provides an opportunity for the open exchange of ideas, experience, and techniques for the use of lidar for wind energy applications between industry and academics. Task 32 actively works towards transferring research and development results into every-day use.