Task 32

IEA Wind Task 32 - Wind Lidar Systems for Wind Energy Deployment

Task 32 provides a platform for the open exchange of ideas, experience, and techniques for the use of lidar for wind energy applications


About Task 32

Since 2012 Task 32 has built a strong community that works together to identify and mitigate the barriers to adpotion of wind lidar for wind energy applications.

We do this by providing a structured forum for international collaborations between researchers, vendors, and users to exchange needs, ideas, and experience. The Task focuses on producing tangible results such as recommended practices that can be used by practitioners. And, Task 32 continues to work in collaboration with other IEA Wind Tasks and related industry and academic groups to help encourage scientific investigations and align them with users’ needs.

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Key Questions

There are many applications for wind lidar in wind energy. We ask:

  1. How can lidar inform us about the conditions where we want to build wind turbines?

  2. How can we use lidar to better operate wind turbines and plants?

  3. How can lidar be used for performance verification?

  4. How can we collaborate on lidar hardware and software?

  5. .. and what are the new or unusual applications that we should be aware of?

Our Goals

At high TRL, we focus on identifying and mitigating the barriers to adoption of wind lidar.

At low TRL, we aim to support the development of new ideas around wind lidar for wind energy applications.

Task 32 Whitepapers

Don't have time to read every paper ever published on a subject? We're launching a regular series of Task 32 white papers to give a high-level overview of some of the current issues in wind lidar. Please get in touch if there's something you'd like to see!

Task 32 Roadmap

Find out more about how our activities fit together


  • Webinar summary - Lidar data filtering (7 April 2020)

    We've just published a summary of the webinar from 7 April  on lidar data filtering. You can find it on Zenodo at https://zenodo.org/record/3909488. Many thanks to Rogier Floors, Leonardo Alcayaga, and Pedro Santos for writing this up!
  • Webinar: An Overview of Lidar-Assisted Controls

    The use of nacelle lidar measurements for wind turbine control applications has been widely studied in the research community and is beginning to be adopted by industry. Successful implementation of lidar-assisted control to reduce the cost of wind energy involves several design choices, including lidar scan pattern selection, lidar data processing, and controller design.

    In this seminar, Eric Simley and Andrew Scholbrock from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and David Schlipf, from Flensburg University of Applied Science, presented an overview of lidar-assisted control applications.

    All of the presentations can be found at https://zenodo.org/record/3764556.

  • Webinar: Lidar Data FIltering

    Almost 50 people from across the wind energy industry joined the Task 32 webinar on Lidar data filtering on 7 April. 

    Two presenters discussed how data can be filtered and what effects that filtering can have on the results from a measurement and a measurement campaign:

    • Rogier Floors: "CNR threshold filtering on offshore wind lidar measurements". More information can be found in a recent paper. The presentation is online as well.
    • Leonardo Alcayaga: "Filtering of pulsed lidar data using spatial information and a clustering algorithm". More details can be found (in a recent paper. The presentation is online as well.

    We'll probably repeat the presentations in the summer.

    Get in touch if you'd like to suggest a webinar.

  • We need your help for the Task 32 webinar series

    We're going digital! To help you keep in touch with your colleagues and recent developments, we're starting up a series of (your) webinars. We're providing all of the organisational support, but - like all of our events - your contributions will make it happen.

    Get in touch if you'd like to suggest a webinar!
  • Task 32 Glossary Live

    The Task 32 glossary is now live! Many thanks to Peter Clive for providing us with a few starting definitions; now it's over to the community to add to the glossary, request new definitions, and provide feedback.
  • Joint Working Group on Wind Lidar in Cold Climates

    Together with IEA Wind TAsk 19, Task 32 is setting up a working group to support the effective use of wind lidar in cold climates. This group is focused on ways to leverage the opportunities for wind lidar to provide actionable information in cold climates that cannot be obtained by other methods.

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