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IEA Wind Task 32 - Wind Lidar Systems for Wind Energy Deployment

Task 32 provides a platform for the open exchange of ideas, experience, and techniques for the use of lidar for wind energy applications.

Since 2012 Task 32 has built a strong community that works together to identify and mitigate the barriers to adpotion of wind lidar for wind energy applications.

We do this by providing a structured forum for international collaborations between researchers, vendors, and users to exchange needs, ideas, and experience. The Task focuses on producing tangible results such as recommended practices that can be used by practitioners. And, Task 32 continues to work in collaboration with other IEA Wind Tasks and related industry and academic groups to help encourage scientific investigations and align them with users’ needs.

Task 32 Whitepapers

Don't have time to read every paper ever published on a subject? We're launching a regular series of Task 32 white papers to give a high-level overview of some of the current issues in wind lidar. Please get in touch if there's something you'd like to see!


IEA Wind Task 32:
Wind Lidar

October 11, 2019



  • EU-funded lidar knowledge network (LIKE): PHD positions

    A consortium of leading universities and businesses across Europe has just received EU funding for the Innovative Training Network Lidar Knowledge Europe (ITN LIKE). In total 12 PhD positions will be available:
  • Task 32 Library on Zenodo

    To help you find and use all of the publications from Task 32, we've set up a Task 32 community on Zenodo. You'll find presentations, flyers, reports, and all kinds of Task 32-related material. Everything is clearly licensed and there are tools to help you reference it. Take a look!
  • The Task 32 Roadmap

    There's a lot going on in Task 32. We've made a roadmap so you see how it all fits together. You can download a copy by clicking on the DOI link below. If you'd like to share your thoughts, please get in touch.

  • Task 32 Slack Channel

    We've got a slack channel running for Task 32. This is a simple way for you to stay in touch with the Task and your colleagues.
  • Task 32 Extended for 3 Years!

    Task 32 has been working for the last six years to bring together the R&D community, industry, and government from 12 countries together to enable the adoption of wind lidar for wind energy. And now we can announce we're going to keep going for another three!

    On October 18th 2018 we got the approval of the IEA Wind ExCo to keep operating Task 32 in a very similar way to the last three years. That means that we'll hold regular thematic workshops to bring together stakeholders to address a specific issue, and use our annual meetings to help suggest strategy for the Task. And, the Task's international Advisory Board will help keep us rolling.

    We'll be announcing our next workshops and events soon. We look forwards to continuing to work with you all!

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