General Meeting 2014 March

General Meeting

March 5-7, 2014

Venue: University of Stuttgart, Germany


Task 32 – General

  • “Introduction.”
    M. Kühn and D. Trabucchi, ForWind – University of Oldenburg
  • “Next steps and deliverables.”
    M. Kühn and D. Trabucchi, ForWind – University of Oldenburg

Subtask 1 – Calibration and classification of lidar devices

  • “Subtask 1: Overview and status.”
    M. Courtney, DTU – Wind Energy
  • “WP 1.1: Effects of shear and turbulence on (ground based) lidar calibration.”
    M. Courtney, DTU – Wind Energy
  • “Shear correction of lidar measurements.”
    N. G. Nygaard, Dong Energy
  • “Workpackage 1.5 – Recommended Practices for the use of floating lidar systems.”
    J. Gottschall, Fraunhofer IWES
  • “Floating lidar evaluation in the Offshore Wind Accelerator.”
    B. Gribben, Frazer-Nash Consultancy
  • “Floating lidar activities at Narec.”
    J. Hughes, Narec

Subtask 2 – Procedure for site assessment

  • “Overview and presentation of WP 2.1 and 2.2.”
    A. Clifton, NREL
  • “Scanning lidars.”
    D. Trabucchi, ForWind – University of Oldenburg
  • “When, why and how to use a lidar.”
    P. Clive, Sgurr Energy
  • “Windcube measurements in complex terrain.”
    S. Köller, Meteotest
  • “Lidar errors at Rödeser Berg, their correction, and strategies for an optimized measurement design.”
    L. Pauscher, Fraunhofer IWES
  • “WP 2.3 – Turbulence measurement using ground and nacelle based lidars.”
    A. Sathe, DTU WInd Energy
  • “Windcube + FCR test in Hrgud, Bosnia and Herzegovina.”
    R. Wagner, DTU WInd Energy

Subtask 3 – Procedure for turbine assessment

  • “Overview and status.”
    A. Rettenmeier, WindForS
  • “WP 3.1 – Comparative excercise with REWS for power curve measurements.”
    R. Wagner, DTU WInd Energy
  • “WP.3.2 – Wind field reconstruction from nacelle based lidar.”
    D. Schlipf, University of Stuttgart
  • “WP 3.3 – Nacelle based power performance testing.”
    A. Rettenmeier, WindForS
  • “WP.3.4 – Load estimation using a lidar system.”
    O. Bischoff, University of Stuttgart
  • “UniTTe: new project on nacelle mounted lidars for turbine performance assessment.”
    R. Wagner, DTU WInd Energy
  • “Power performance measurement using Nacelle Lidar – Field Study.”
    E. Tüxen, DNV-GL
  • “Project Cyclops – RES Nacelle lidar project.”
    S. Feeney, DNV-GL
  • “{attachment:WindVector}.”
    L. Klasen, WindVector

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