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The objective of Task 31 is to develop an international wind farm flow modeling and evaluation framework. To this end a forum for data sharing and model benchmarking has been created for model developers and users to exchange knowledge and best practices on flow modeling for external wind conditions and wind farm wake effects.

This third phase of the Task is devoted to leveraging high-fidelity experiments, from the U.S. Department of Energy Atmosphere to Electrons (A2e) and New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) research initiatives, in the form of collaborative model intercomparison benchmarks around relevant challenges for flow models. The ultimate goal is to quantify accuracy levels of state-of-the-art models that are used by wind resource assessment methodologies and wind farm design tools. In Phase 3, the Wind Energy Model Evaluation Protocol (WEMEP) will have a strong focus on Open Science by promoting data sharing and standardization to improve traceability and consistency in validation repositories.    


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    NEWA Meso-Micro Challenge Phase 2 is open for participation. Read more at the Wind Vane Blog: https://thewindvaneblog.com/newa-meso-micro-challenge-phase-2-r%C3%B6deser-berg-5404eafbe7dc

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    The second phase of the " NEWA Meso-Micro Challenge for Wind Resource Assessment " will extend the assessment to heterogeneous terrain sites participating in the NEWA experimental campaigns. Read more at the Wind Vane Blog: https://thewindvaneblo ...

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