Work Plan

Task 30 Work Plan

Task 30 Offshore Code Comparison Collaboration, Continuation, with Correlation (OC5) compares dynamic computer codes and models used to design offshore wind turbines and support structures.

Offshore wind turbines are designed and analyzed using comprehensive simulation tools (or codes) that account for the coupled dynamics of the wind inflow, aerodynamics, elasticity, and controls of the turbine, along with the incident waves, sea current, hydrodynamics, mooring dynamics, and foundation dynamics of the support structure.

Since the start of the OC5 project, 148 participants from 68 organizations in 18 countries have participated in the task (see Table 1 for a list of the major participants). The variety of organizations contributing to the project brought together expertise from both the offshore structure and wind energy communities, including designers, consultants, certifiers, developers, and research institutions. All information from this project will be made public after completion, except for the data from OC5 Phase III. The data from the previous OC3 and OC4 projects can be found at these websites, including model information and simulation results:

If you are interested in finding out more about the OC5 project, please contact Amy Robertson, IEA Wind TCP Task 30 Operating Agent at


  • Identify limitations of implemented theories and methodologies in offshore wind design tools in accurately representing real-world behavior
  • Make needed improvements to industry design tool
  • Determine future research and development needs
  • Train new analysts to run and apply the codes correctly