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Phase 3, Final Technical Report

IEA Wind TCP Task 26 Technical Report (April 2019) 
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Wind Project Statistics Data Viewer

IEA Wind TCP Task 26 Data Viewer (November 2017) - Interactive tool to explore wind project statistics  

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Task 26 Research Results

IEA Wind TCP Task 26 has produced results in four general areas related to cost of wind energy:

These results are manifest in the following technical reports:


Cost of Land-Based Wind Energy

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Wind Technology, Cost, and Performance Trends in Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, the European Union, and the United States: 2007-2012

An enhancement and update to prior work exploring land-based wind cost of energy along with associated revenue and policy mechanisms in various countries.

Wind project statistics have been updated through 2016 since publication of the report.  These data are available here: Task 26 Data Viewer


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Multi-national Case Study of the Financial Cost of Wind Energy

A description of transparent methodology for estimating cost of wind energy and illustration of cost of energy in participating countries in 2011.

Cash flow models representing cost of energy in each country as well as a blank version can be downloaded here:

Denmark Germany Netherlands
Spain Sweden Switzerland
United States Excel Worksheet Blank LCOE Model

Cost of Offshore Wind Energy

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Offshore Wind Farm Baseline Report

A description of baseline offshore wind farm characteristics intended to provide a common starting point for country comparisons and sensitivity analysis on key offshore wind cost and value drivers.

Future Cost of Wind Energy

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Expert elicitation survey on future wind energy costs

Published in Nature Energy (September 2016)



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Forecasting Wind Energy Costs and Cost Drivers: Views of the World’s Leading Experts

The results of an expert elicitation survey of 163 of the world’s foremost wind experts, aimed at better understanding future costs and technology advancement possibilities.

Download the Brief Summary Presentation
Download the Full Summary Presentation
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The Past and Future Cost of Wind Energy

An estimate of future cost and performance of land-based and offshore wind projects

Value of Wind Energy

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  Impact of Turbine Technology on System Value of Wind Energy (Oct 2017)

A study exploring the impact of larger rotors and taller towers on the system value if wind energy




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A System-based approach to assessing the value of wind for society

A summary of workshop held to identify and categorize methods for evaluating the value of wind energy

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