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  • Paper presented in WIW19 Stockholm, Sweden October, 2018 (www.windintegrationworkshop.org)


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NEW > Task 25 Final Summary Report, Phase Four (2015-2017)

This report summarizes recent findings on wind integration from the 17 countries and Wind Europe participating in the International Energy Agency (IEA) Wind collaboration research Task 25 from 2015–2017. Both real experiences and studies are reported.
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Recommended Practice 16, Edition 2: Wind/PV Integration Studies (2018)

This Expert Group Report provides recommendations on how to perform studies of wind and solar PV integration.


Recommended Practices for wind_solar integration studies summary Presentation

Webinar for Recommended Practices for wind/PV integration studies Ed.2 (Dec 2018) available at http://www.leonardo-energy.org/resources/1516/best-practices-for-solar-and-wind-power-system-case-studies-5bfbc0ce60735). 

Wind Integration Costs - Methodologies and Shortfalls

Presentation in Wind Europe Workshop (March 2018)

System Integration Costs - a useful concept difficult to quantify?
Paper presented at the WIW18 Stockholm Sweden (October 2018)

Advances in Wind Integration - Recent findings from international collaboration IEA Wind Task 25
Paper presented at the GRE18 Yokohama Japan (June 2018)

Published articles
System Integration Costs –a Useful Concept that is Complicated to Quantify?
Paper published at proceedings of WIW18: 17th Intl. Workshop on Large-scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems, Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Power Plants, WIW 2018, 17-19 October 2018, Stockholm, Sweden. Proceedings. Energynautics GmbH

Advances in Wind Integration, Recent Findings from International Collaboration IEA Wind Task 25

Paper published at proceedings of the Grand Renewable Energy Conference, Yokohama (June 2018)

Task 25 Response to Nuclear Energy Agency Integration Costs (report published by NEA 2012)
Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) published a report on Nuclear energy and renewables in which they produce very high grid level system costs for wind power. Task 25 participants have reviewed the methods the report is using and found several inconsistencies with the current knowledge about the costs of wind integration to power systems, which are outlined in this response.



About Task 25

The ultimate objective of Task 25 is to provide information to facilitate the highest economically feasible wind energy penetration within electricity power systems worldwide. This task supports this goal by analyzing and further developing the methodology to assess the impact of wind power on power systems.