Task 25 Work Plan and Objectives

Task 25 Work Plan

The overarching objective of IEA Wind TCP Task 25 is to provide information that facilitates the highest economically feasible wind energy penetration in electricity power systems worldwide. Task 25 supports this objective by analyzing and further developing methodology that assesses the impact of wind power on power systems.

Task 25 has established an international forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences related to power system operation with large amounts of wind power. Per the 2015 work plan (available for download in the Task library), the Task also plans to:

  • Enhance international collaboration and coordination in wind integration with IEA PVPS
  • Conduct a set of case studies on: wind power grid integration, especially cases for transition to really high shares of wind/PV (different combinations of wind/PV); implications of market design and evolved methodologies including assessment of costs and value of wind integration, uncertainty assessment and operational time scales incorporated into planning models
  • Collaborate on journal articles summarizing and further analyzing the work in national case studies
  • Update Recommended Practice 16 (with PV added), the Task Summary report, enhanced database of time series, Literature list, and Fact sheets for nonpower-system-specialists.
  • Organize a workshop targeted for TSO/utility audience

A new work plan is anticipated in April 2018.