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Guidelines for Ice-fall/ice-throw risk assessments

Current situation and project objective: In an increasing number of countries the authorities are asking for ice-throw / ice-fall risk assessments during approval procedure of new wind parks. However up to now, no international recommendations, guidelines or standards are available as to the elaboration of those assessments. As a matter of consequence, the quality requirements of public authorities as well as the used methodologies and results of individual consultants vary to a large extent.

The experts of IEA Wind Task 19 have identified this lack of regulation as highly relevant for the current 5th term and decided to setup a subtask, which aims at enhancing standardization of ice throw risk assessments.

The Project: In order to put the quality of ice throw risk assessments internationally on a high and uniform level, an international working group has been formed under the umbrella of IEA-Task 19. This working group is evaluating various approaches through a cross-comparison of different results on predefined case scenarios. In workshops the experts are addressing the underlying mathematical model for ice-fall / ice throw calculations, the relevant meteorological data and the methodology for the actual risk assessment. As a result of this project, an official recommendation of Task 19 will be published, selecting and defining the essential methodology and input parameters for ice-throw / ice-fall risk assessments.

Time Frame: The project started in fall 2016, the international guidelines will be published by mid-2018.

Partners: Participants in the working group are: Enercon, Meteotest, TÜV Süd, F2E, Kjeller Vindteknikk and Energiewerkstatt.

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