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“Straw man” vision and mission:

Vision: The Irish Wind Energy Research Network will contribute to the development of a robust wind energy research sector, stimulating collaborations between industry and academic researchers. Wind Energy R&D in Ireland will reach levels appropriate to a mature industry sector in a country leading the world wind power deployment.

Mission: To highlight excellence in wind energy research, at all levels, and to further promote excellence through providing opportunities for collaboration among researchers. To provide authoritative input on wind energy to Government energy research strategies. To contribute to an environment that promotes the development of wind energy research in Ireland to a level commensurate with the economic importance of the wind energy sector in Ireland.

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    The European Commission issued guidance on wind energy developments and EU nature legislation, updating the 2011 Commission Guidance on same, in the context of the European Green Deal on 18/11/2020. The press release is here: ...

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    Apologies, did not attach the Flyer. Attached now. John ------------------------------ John MCCANN ExCo Chair /Member, IRELAND The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Dublin ------------------------------

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