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Approximately 85% of the total worldwide wind power capacity (549 GW, 2019), and all of the world’s offshore wind capacity, currently resides in the 22 countries participating in the International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA Wind TCP).

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IEA Wind TCP News

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    The IEA Wind TCP 2019 Annual Report highlights the activities and accomplishments of the IEA Wind Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP). This global network of researchers and policy experts shares the latest technology research and best practices to advance wind energy deployment. Participants include 24 member countries and sponsor organisations across Europe, North America, and Asia. This report provides a summary of how member countries benefit from wind energy, how much wind power generation ...

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    Please find in the newsletter the highlights from selected country and task presentation from the ExCo 85 meeting: ExCo_85_Newsletter_2020.pd

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    IEA Wind TCP has promoted an international effort to identify the main challenges in the science of wind energy. This collaborative effort involving scientist from 19 organizations has culminated in a new journal article published in Science magazine. The key innovation and research areas have been identified, that will underpin wind energy’s continued progress towards becoming the primary global source of low-cost electricity generation. A group of wind energy researchers, from the U.S., ...

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    In 2017, 53 GW of new wind power capacity was installed worldwide, bringing the global total to 539 GW – an 11% increase from the previous year. Offshore wind also saw tremendous growth during the year, thanks to a record 4.3 GW of new installed capacity. Wind power continues to be the second-largest source of renewable energy by installed capacity (following hydropower). However, there are still significant opportunities for technology innovation to maximize value and continue to improve cost-competitiveness. ...

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    IEA WIND TCP TASK 25 IEA PVPS TASK 14 PUBLISHES UPDATED EXPERT GROUP REPORT ON  RECOMMENDED PRACTICES 16:  WIND/PV INTEGRATION STUDIES   June 2018 Integration studies seek to find issues to energy systems, as well as mitigation measures, to absorb certain amounts of generation from wind or solar energy. This report offers recommendations for performing perform studies on wind and solar PV integration, describing the methodologies, assumptions, and inputs needed to conduct a grid integration ...

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    ​ The final meeting of the second phase of the IEA Task 31 “WAKEBENCH” took place in Tokyo last 17-19 of September hosted by the University of Tokyo and co-organized with the Wind Energy Institute of Tokyo (WEIT). The event started with an open day symposium where Task participants exchanged talks with the Japanese community on research activities related to modeling wind conditions and wind farm aerodynamics. In particular, it is worth mentioning the offshore wind map of Japan, developed by ...

Expert Discussions

  • Dear IWERN Members, The SEAI call for appointment of experts to participate for Ireland in IEA TCP Tasks/Annexes is open for applications. Further details about the call can be found on the Call webpage . More information about Ireland's involvement ... More

  • Dear IWERN Members, University College Cork asked me to share that theyare currently advertising 3 PhD researcher positions in the area of floating offshore wind farms. These are all Marie Curie PhD positions and come with a €40k+ salary, generous ... More