IEA Wind Task 32 and Task 36 Workshop on Very short-term forecasting of wind power

Starts:  Jun 12, 2018 9:00 AM (DK)
Ends:  Jun 13, 2018 12:30 PM (DK)

Where?: DTU Risø Campus, Niels Bohr Auditorium, Bldg 112, Roskilde, Denmark

When:? June 12/13 2018

What?: to discuss on very short-term forecasting techniques, including statistical approaches, the use of remote sensing devices such as lidar or radar and also the use of turbine data information from surrounding wind parks.

Presentation? If you are willing to contribute to the program with a presentation, please state so in the registration process and contact Elliot Simon.

Due to the increasing penetration of renewable energy power systems into the grid, the demand for very short-term wind power forecasting increases, as grid operators need to ensure grid stability. This workshop will provide practitioners and end users of short term forecasting

  • A definition of the forecasting horizon of “very short-term” (0...60min?)
  • A list of needs of very short term forecasting (wind speed, direction, time horizon,..)
  • An overview of the gap to NWPs and lower limits of models in terms of forecasting horizon and what  the important parameters are
  • An answer to what the target forecasting horizon should be and which forecasting horizon is of interest now and in the future
  • A list of barriers and solutions to close the gap of numerical weather prediction models (NWP) to forecast the power output of wind turbines and wind farms in very short-term period using:
    • Statistical analysis of past data
    • Measurements of long-range lidar
    • Measurements of radar
    • Assimilation of SCADA data into NWP

How?: The workshop will be a combination of presentations from scientists, service providers and end users. In small work groups we will discuss about barriers/solutions for different forecasting techniques. The outcome of the workshop will be an exchange of experience in very short-term forecasting techniques and a list of barriers and possible solutions to the adoption of very short term forecasting (common paper).

Who?: This workshop is oriented towards scientists that work on new NWP approaches or forecasting techniques using measurements; service providers that develop their own forecasting code and also end users of forecasts such as wind farm operators or grid operators.

Pricing?: The participation to the workshop is free.

Note: The joint IEA 36/32 workshop on very-short term wind forecasting will coincide with DTU’s annual PhD summer school on Remote Sensing in Wind Energy. More information can be found here.

Access full final program in pdf here

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DTU Risø Campus, DTU Risø Campus
Bldg 112
Kgs. Lyngby, 2800

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