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IEA Wind TCP 2019 Annual Report

By Klaus Jakobsen posted Aug 27, 2020 13:14


The IEA Wind TCP 2019 Annual Report highlights the activities and accomplishments of the IEA Wind Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP). This global network of researchers and policy experts shares the latest technology research and best practices to advance wind energy deployment. Participants include 24 member countries and sponsor organisations across Europe, North America, and Asia. This report provides a summary of how member countries benefit from wind energy, how much wind power generation each country has deployed, and how policies and research programs will increase wind power’s contribution to the world energy supply. The report is available for free download at 


IEA Wind TCP 2019 Annual Report (August 2020). IEA Wind Secretariat, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – , 52 pages, ISBN 978-87-93449-78-4, e-paper version  AR2019 e-paper     and AR2019 high and low versions

In October 2020, the appendices for the Annual Report 2019 will be available for download i.e.:

-           17 Task Reports 2019

-           24 Country and Sponsor Reports 2019

-           Statistics 2010 – 2019