Newsletter ExCo86

By Ignacio MARTI posted Nov 19, 2020 17:53


Dear IEA Wind ExCo members and OAs,


The secretariat has prepared this newsletter with highlights from country and task presentations included in ExCo 86 meeting agenda that have sent a slide to be included in the newsletter.

You can access the newsletter by clicking on the image below:

Contact information is included in the pages of the newsletter.


I would like to thank you for your contributions as well as Simon and Kirstine for putting the newsletter together.


The newsletter is intended for IEA Wind members and OAs but can be shared with non IEA Wind members if you think it is useful to increase the impact of what we do.


You can email the secretariat if you have any questions.


 The minutes of ExCo 86 will follow when we complete the email ballot process.