Task 16 Wind Turbine Round Robin Test


task_16.jpgTask 16 Wind Turbine Round Robin Test Program

Duration: 1995-2003

Operating Agent: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the United States

Participants: Denmark, Greece, Canada,
 the United States

Objectives: Validated wind turbine testing procedures, analyzed and resolved sources of discrepancies, and improved testing methods and procedures.

Progress and Achievements

The IEA developed international recommended practices for development and testing wind turbines, and the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 88 (IEC-TC88) and other agencies are developed international norms and standards. As countries adopted these new standards, the IEA suggested that a mechanism be in place to ensure that turbines are tested and certified to common criteria.

A series of round robin comparison tests at participating national laboratories and other interested test stations were suggested as a means of validating test procedures and establishing reciprocity between different certification testing laboratories. The objectives of this program were to:

  • Validate wind turbine testing procedures
  • Analyze and resolve sources of discrepancies
  • Improve testing methods and procedures