Task 21 Dynamic Models of Wind Farms for Power System Studies


task_21.jpgTask 21: Dynamic Models of Wind Farms for Power System Studies

Duration: 2002-2007

Operating Agent:  SINTEF Energy Research, Norway

Participants: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Objectives: Assist in the planning and design of wind farms by facilitating a coordinated effort to develop wind farm models suitable for use in combination with software packages for stimulation and analysis of power system stability.

Progress and Achievements

Accurate, dynamic wind generation models are critical to assessing the impact of large wind power installations on a power system's stability. Model validation was a key issue of IEA Wind Task 21. The task began in 2002 and developed a systematic approach for benchmark testing of models.

The Task's accomplished the following objectives:

  • Established an international forum for exchanging knowledge and experience within the field of wind farm modelling for power system studies
  • Developed, described, and validated wind farm models.
  • Set-up and operated a common database for benchmark testing of wind turbine and wind farm models, as an aid for securing good-quality models.
As a result of their efforts, Task 21 also completed and circulated the second edition of IEC 61400-21 (Measurements and assessment of power quality characteristics of grid connected with turbines) in 2008.


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IEA Wind Task 21 Final Technical Report studies summarizes the results of the Task. The report includes sections on wind farm modeling, measurements, benchmark test procedures, and example test results.