Task 23 Offshore Wind Energy Technology Deployment



Task_23.pngTask 23: Offshore Wind Technology and Development

Duration: 2004-2009

Operating Agents:  Riso National Laboratory, Denmark and
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), United States

Participants: Denmark, Germany, Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

Objectives: The overall objectives of Task 23 included:
  • Sub-task 1, Experience with Critical Deployment Issues, was led by Risø National Laboratory (Risø) in Denmark and organized workshops on critical research areas for offshore wind to identify R&D needs of interest to participating countries
  • Sub-task 2, Technical Research for Deeper Water, was led by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the United States and conducted R&D activities of common interest to participants to reduce costs and uncertainties.

Progress and Achievements

Task 23 research activities were divided into two sub-tasks: Experience with critical deployment issues, and Technical research for deeper water.

From 2005 to 2009, Sub-task 1 brought together more than 225 experts from 11 countries for 125 presentations during seven narrowly defined, highly technical meetings to share their experiences and plan new ways to cooperate. Although no official research efforts were begun under Task 23 Sub-task 1, the workshops informed the experts who went on to design national, corporate, and institutional research programs. 

Sub-task 2 began in October 2004 to address technical issues associated with deeper-water implementation of offshore wind energy. In practice, however, the sub-task turned into a working group known as the Offshore Code Comparison Collaborative (OC3), which verified design codes for shallow, transitional, and deep-water offshore wind turbine concepts. The group investigated different support structures in separate phases of the code comparison project.

A proposal to continue the work of OC3 participants was approved by the ExCo as Annex (Task) 30 Offshore Comparison of Dynamic Computer Codes and Models in 2009. This annex engaged the members of OC3 in further studies to benchmark at least two new coupled wind turbine and substructure systems that are relevant to the wind energy industry. For more information on these activities, visit the Task 30 website.


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The final report for IEA Wind Task 23 is made up of two separate reports. The first, Subtask 1: Experience with Critical Deployment Issues, provides background information and objectives of Task 23.
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The second report for IEA Wind Task 23, Subtask 2: Offshore Code Comparison Collaborative (OC3), contains five chapters that cover background information and objectives of Subtask 2 and the results from each of the four phases of the project.

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The Final Task Management Report completes the obligations of the operating agents to summarize Task or Working Group accomplishments and lessons learned at the end of IEA Wind Task 23.