Task 18 Enhanced Field Rotor Aerodynamics Database (EFRAD)


task_18.jpgTask 18: Enhanced Field Rotor Aerodynamics Database (EFRAD)

Duration: 1999-2001

Operating Agent: Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN), the Netherlands

Participants: Denmark, Greece, Japan, the Netherlands, the United States 

Objectives: Maintained the IEA Annex 14 database and extended the database with new measurements.

Progress and Achievements

International Energy Agency (IEA) Task 18 is an extension of the IEA Task 14 project in which five parties from four countries (the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and the United States) co-operated in performing aerodynamic field experiments on full-scale horizontal axis wind turbines. The project resulted in a unique database of local aerodynamic properties taken under atmospheric conditions.

Until October 1999, the IEA Task 14 database was stored on CD-ROM and on an ftp site, which was protected by a password. Task 18 aimed to maintain this database after Task 14's completion, as well as extend the database with new measurements and feedback from the community.