Task 24 Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems


task_24.pngTask 24: Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems 

Duration: 2004-2009

Operating Agent: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

Participants: Australia, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United States

  • Established an international forum for exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences related to the integration of wind and hydropower technologies within electricity supply systems
  • Shared information among participating members concerning grid integration, transmission issues, hydrological and hydropower impacts, markets and economics, and simplified modeling techniques.
  • Identified technically and economically feasible system configurations for integrating wind and hydropower, including the effects of market structure on wind-hydro system economics with the intention of identifying the most effective market structures.

Progress and Achievements

The primary purposes of Task 24 were to conduct cooperative research concerning the generation, transmission, and economics of integrating wind and hydropower systems, and to provide a forum for information exchange. The former of these two purposes was addressed through case study projects performed at participating institutions within each member country. 

The latter purpose, related to information exchange, was accomplished via a series of collaborative R&D meetings, seven of which were held: a kickoff meeting (February 2005, USA), one web meeting (June 2006) and five R&D meetings (September 2005 Switzerland, September 2006 Australia, May 2007 Italy, September 2007 Norway, and June 2008 Québec, Canada)

At the conclusion of the work plan for the task, a two volume final report was created:

Results of IEA Wind Implementing Agreement Task 24 on the Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems

  • Volume I:  Issues, Impacts, and Economics of Wind and Hydropower Integration
  • Volume II:  Participant Case Studies 
These reports summarize and present the results of the work conducted by the task participants, the important issues and analysis methods identified, and the related conclusions.


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Volume I of the Results of IEA Wind Implementing Agreement Task 24 on the Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems describes the background, concepts, issues, and conclusions related to the feasibility of integrating wind and hydropower, as investigated by IEA Wind Task 24.
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Volume 2 of the Task 24 final report is devoted to the case studies performed by the participants. The case studies are each intended to address at least one of the following: grid integration impacts; hydropower impacts; and economic impacts.
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Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems: Results of IEA Wind Task 24, which was reprinted from Wind Engineering, summarized the framework within which the Task 24 studies were performed, and presented some results and the general conclusions of the Task.